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PrestaShop Data8 Data Tools - Installation


First you need to download the latest version of our Prestashop plugin from here

Adding to Your Prestashop

Now we have the lastest version downloaded let's add it to your Prestashop. Start by logging in to the administration site with an admin username & password

Admin Login Page

Next we want to go to the "Modules & Services" page. The link can be found under "Modules" on the left bar:

From the top of the new page find and click the "Upload a Module" button:

A new popup will show up over the top of the page. You can ether drag and drop the Data8's Prestashop module (the file you downloaded at the start) from a file browser window like Windows Explorer or OSX's Finder or you can click the "select file" link and manually find the file using the browsers built in file explorer.
This will then start the module installation:

Once the installation has been complete the following popup will be shown:

Click the "Configure" button on the popup to start configuring the plugin using the instructions on our Prestashop Configuration page here.