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Checks to find any matching companies filtered on company name and/or postcode. You can filter on any partial name or partial postcode - a wildcard is assumed.

The companystatus parameter allows you to restrict the results to only the status code you want. The most useful of these is Active which restricts the results to only currently active companies.

The return value includes an array of CompaniesHousePartialResult records that include a summary of all companies matching the search. The details from one or more of these records can be passed to the GetCompanyDetails method to retrieve the full details of the company.

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Code Samples

<!-- Import the Integr8 Ajax API -->
<!-- NOTE: Get your own API key to use in the following script tag from: -->
<!-- http://www.data-8.co.uk/integr8/Admin/Ajax.aspx -->
<script src="https://webservices.data-8.co.uk/Javascript/Loader.ashx?key=your-api-key" type="text/javascript">

<script type="text/javascript">

function loadIntegr8() {
  // Load the CompaniesHouse Integr8 service

function FindCompanyByNameOrPostcode(companyname, postcode, companystatus) {
  /// <param name="companyname">string</param>
  /// <param name="postcode">string</param>
  /// <param name="companystatus">string</param>
  var companieshouse = new data8.companieshouse();

function showFindCompanyByNameOrPostcodeResult(result) {
  // Check that the call succeeded, and show the error message if there was a problem.
  if (!result.Status.Success) {
    alert('Error: ' + result.Status.ErrorMessage);
  else {
    // TODO: Process method results here.
    // Results can be extracted from the following fields:
    // result.Results
    //   Contains the partial details found for the requested companies on the companies house database.