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Eircode Validation


The most effective way of capturing Irish addresses using Eircode. Eircode is an advanced postcode platform, which allocates a unique Eircode for every home and business - helping you to find addresses easier than ever before. 

Over 35% of addresses in Ireland share their address with at least one other property, making it really difficult for those delivering goods and services to accurately identify the location of an address. 

Eircode has been designed specifically to overcome this problem. Unlike other countries where postcodes define a collection of properties, a unique Eircode is assigned to each residential and business address. 


How does it work?


An Eircode is 7 digits long, made up of letters and numbers into two parts:

D02 AF30

The first part consists of three characters and defines the principal post town


The second part is the truely unique identifier of an address and distinguishes it from one another.



The information can be displayed in two ways but at data8, we only use the premium ECAD which includes coordinates and alias data

Eircode Address Validation Demo - Try It For Yourself Today!

Try up to 5 addresses a day to see eircode live address capture from data8 in action. 
Change the flag to Ireland to get the true results

Why data8 & Eircode?


Easily identify Irish Addresses

Eircode is still relatively new, but gives you an edge over your competition and will ensur eyou have the correct information

Quick & Easy Integration

Our simple App code will soon get you collating the correct addresses. If you're already using data8 address validation service, you just need to speak to your dedicated account manager to get this switched on.

Smooth User Experience

With Irish customers having a variety of ways of entering their address, using data8 Eircode predictive address platform, the information is going to be accurate and complete.