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Release Information


As Duplicare continues to evolve, we will be making a number of changes and refinements to the product. This page summarises the major features of the releases and provides additional information.

If at any point you are not on the latest version and want the latest, please install the latest version from AppSource if you are online or contact your account manager if you are on premise.

Duplicates Detected+ Release

A brand new duplicates detected+ feature was added into the product. For more information, please refer to the installation guide for more information.

Improved International Fuzzy Company Name

A number of improvements were added to the fuzzy company name feature for better international matches.

Geo-Restriction on Address Standardization

The restriction for running address standardization in Azure regions has now been removed.

Handle status bug upon merge

Occasionally a record could be have been left as inactive incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

Better handle UTC issues on merge

Occasionally an issue occurred with dates when users spanning multiple time zones were merged.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

A wide range of minor bug fixes and performance improvements were added.



Lookup+ was added to the product. More information can be found here.

Duplicare SDK Client

A C# nuget package was introduced and can be found here. Help on how to use this can be found here.



Application Insights

Adding some basic application insights anonymous usage tracking. Also added the ability to enable advanced logging in the event of requiring assistance from Data8.

Minor UI Tweaks

A number of error messages have been improved to be more accurate and the user interface in the config area has been updated slightly.

Merge Permissions Fixed

The logic to calculate merging permissions has been updated


Improved Dedupe+ Job Statistics

The statistics generated for a Dedupe+ Job now correctly take into account any records that have been ignored due to previously-created exclusion rules.

Improved Merge+ Rule editing

When selecting an existing "Use most common value across a set of fields" rule, the previously selected fields that the rule will use are now highlighted.

Dedupe+ Rule Creation Fix

Resolves a "Business Process Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when creating a new Dedupe+ Rule.

Data Imports

Enhances duplicate detection during data imports. When data is imported that includes a lookup field that is important to duplicate detection, this may have led to the duplicates not being correctly identified in earlier versions. This version fixes this and will leave the duplicate record in a "Partially Imported" state within the import job. To trigger the solution to re-synchronise existing rules with the new functionality, you need to make a change to the rule definition (e.g. add a new "exact match" rule, save it, then remove and save it again)

Advanced Find

Displays the correct merge button on the Advanced Find window ribbon (requires deactivating and reactivating the Merge+ Rule and publishing customisations)

Merging Fixes

  • Fixes issues with required field handling in the merge screen
  • Fixes issues merging multi-select picklist records

Canadian Address Improvements

The calculations for using fuzzy matching on addresses can vary by country and a number of improvements have been made for canadian addresses based on official guidance.

Server side efficiency changes for batch jobs

Some efficiency changes where made on the server side, allowed for faster batch dedupe+ jobs

Updated latest version checker

The configuration page has a latest version checker and a bug was identified during the move to a 3 number based version number as of 4.0.0. This has now been fixed.

Updates/preparation for a not yet announced feature

More details released in due time.

Fixed bug with empty multi select picklists

Minor bug fix which prevented records with a blank multi select picklist being merged.

Azure data processing

Option to choose where your data is processed from a selection of Azure regions

Added new PCF component

New PCF custom control added for quicker feedback on duplicates, speeding up the duplicate detection process even quicker.

Extended duplicate detection to optional search across the whole system

Optionally use the system organisation to search for duplicates across the whole system, regardless of permissions. The duplicates returned will not share data it shouldn’t and will just give the count of duplicates.

Fuzzy Name Matching Improvements

Improvements were made to the fuzzy name, including an updated blacklist of names.

Bug Fixes & Performance Updates

A number of bugs fix and a number performance updates were added throughout, particularly in the web resources used to manage the duplicare specific rules.


Versioning numbers where brought back to be inline, regardless of premise or online. Also moved to a 3 digit version number rather than a 4.

Persistent Form Selection

During Merge+ configuration you can now select a system form that all users will use as their merge+ layout.

Read Only in Merging

The multi record merge fields now adhere to the configuration of the form and will show as read only, as they are on the form

Required Fields in Merging

The multi record merge fields now adhere to the configuration of the fields and won't allow submission when a required field is blank.

Fix for many-to-many merging

This release fixes a bug that would cause Dedupe+ Jobs with Automerge targeting a custom entity with a many-to-many relationship to hang.

Change in implementation with Fuzzy Company Name

A change was made in the implementation of the fuzzy company name within Dedupe+ rules allowing you to optionally choose to allow if matching legal identifiers should match or not (i.e. Data8 Ltd matches Data8 PLC). Default behaviour would previously not allow this but default behaviour now will.

Please re-address your dedupe+ rules that use this rule and check the new option, if required.

Fixes for multi select picklist in cross entity

Fixed an issue in rendering the merge window when multi select picklists were used in a lead to contact set up

Increased maximum length of master select

Increased the upper limit of the master select rule in Merge+ rules

Added version checker

The main configuration page will now show you a warning if you are behind in your duplicare version.

Fixes for entities with special characters in names

Fixed an issue setting up Merge+ Rules and Global Search for entities that have a special character in their display names.

Versioning numbers now split out for online and on-premise to help us keep up support for the latest features.

Unified Interface Support

Introduce a PCF component to bring back AutoComplete functionality throughout within UI.

Add new icons to better improve the experience.

Fixed a number of bugs where the Unified Interface handles WebResources slightly differently.

Global Search

Fixed an issue where a global search only rule was being ignored.

Introduce Global Search

Global Search support added throughout. To enable Global Search, set “Global Search Enabled” to “Yes” on any Dedupe+ rules you want to apply it to.

Quick Merge Performance Improvements

A number of efficiency improvements have been added to the quickmerge process both in real time and in batch.

Address Standardization bug fix

Fixed an issue in address standardization when only a country is entered.

Auto Edit Forms support removed

The support in allowing duplicare to auto edit your forms by adding relevant fields and javascript has been removed.

Fixed issue with Associate/Disassociate when custom merging

Fixed Issue with Tasks when custom merging

Fixed Issue with Multi Select Picklist options when custom merging

Entities that cannot be merged through out of the box methods require advanced logic and a number of bugs were identified and rectified.

Dedupe+ Job without Merge+

Fixed a bug whereby you could run a dedupe+ job without a Merge+ rule for an entity that isn’t an out of the box mergable entity. A Merge+ rule is required due to the background fields being required to merge non out of the box.

Modified Currency Fields

Fixed handling of currency fields that have been modified when merging an unsaved record.

Inactive Address Standardization Handling

Fixed errors encountered when updating addresses that were covered by an inactive Address Standardization entry

Cross-Entity Batch Jobs

Fixed an error encountered when running a batch lead-to-account or lead-to-contact job that found duplicate leads without any corresponding accounts or contacts.

If you are upgrading from a version, or release, please deactivate any configuration entities e.g. Dedupe+ Rules, Merge+ Rules etc. first, then install this version, then reactivate those configuration entities again.

Merge+ Configuration

Addresses a number of bugs in the UI for creating a Merge+ configuration

Address Standardization Inconsistancies

Patched a bug around address standardization, in partcular UK postcodes.

If you are upgrading from a version, or release, please deactivate any configuration entities e.g. Dedupe+ Rules, Merge+ Rules etc. first, then install this version, then reactivate those configuration entities again.

Dedupe+ Rule Creation

Added a missing hidden field to the Dedupe+ Rule form to fix an error when creating a new Dedupe+ Rule.

Duplicate Detection with particular rule combinations

When making changes, we have required a single Unmanaged solution as a place to store those changes. Moving forward, each change will be stored in it's own unique managed solution - this will reduce any problems caused when moving solutions across environments.

Removed Managed Metadata Changes

Version introduced a change where any field, SDK message processing step etc. that was created when configuring duplicare was done as a managed change. This was a breaking change that caused issues when enabling duplicare features on unmanaged entities, and has been rolled back in this release.

If you are upgrading from a previous version 2.0.0.x release, please deactivate any configuration entities e.g. Dedupe+ Rules, Merge+ Rules etc. first, then install this version, then reactivate those configuration entities again.

Lead To Contact/Account & Lead To Contact Merging

When a potential is found on a cross entity rule of either lead to contact or lead to account, you will now be able to merge that directly – treating the lead as a contact and/or an account respectively. This action also works in a batch environment.

For more details, see our latest documentation which goes into it in much more depth.

Storing changes in Managed solutions rather than Unmanaged Solutions *Reverted in

When making changes, we have required a single Unmanaged solution as a place to store those changes. Moving forward, each change will be stored in it's own unique managed solution - this will reduce any problems caused when moving solutions across environments.

Server Side Batch Improvements

The Data8 side of the batch system has been re-written in order to improve the speed of all batch jobs processed.

Bug Fixes around Exact Match

Some issues were identified when using specific combinations of minimum prefix length and misspelling rates which have now been rectified.

Batch Groups Name Edit

Batch Groups will now show the primary name attribute as a comma separated string in order to get a better idea of the data involved.

Fix V9+ Bug When Editing SdkMessageProcessingStepImages through Code

An issue was identified when trying to make a fuzzy address on address2 when address1 was already created – this issue only affected v9+

Business Unit handling during creation

Extending the recent changes surrounding business unit ownership to fully support "creation" situations - where the record hasn't been commited to the database yet

Improved PO Box matches in non UK countries

The logic around PO Boxes and fuzzy address matches has been extended to work better in non UK countries.

Merging of date & time values

Fixed the error Cannot convert the literal 'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss' to the expected type 'Edm.Date' and Cannot convert the literal 'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss' to the expected type 'Edm.DateTimeOffset' when merging records and changing the value of a date & time attribute.

Recalculating scheduled job times

When changing the hour of a scheduled job, the next job time is now updated correctly.

Back end updates in order to improve usability

A number of features have been reworked behind the scenes, allowing duplicare to make use of some of the bonus aspects of merge such as time constraints. 

User Interface Updates in Multi Record Merge

When commiting to something that has multiple stages i.e. merging 3+ records, a better progress indicator is displayed on screen so you can be sure it is progressing as you would expect.

Enable use of Owning Business Unit field for duplicate detection

When using the Owning Business Unit field in a Dedupe+ Rule, the business unit is correctly calculated when a record is being created/updated.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.1 Compatibility

Leads in a locked marketing list can cause an issue on merge. A fix has been put in place that unlocks the marketing list, makes any changes and then locks the marketing list.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9.1 Compatibility

Resolves an error in v9.1 when starting or scheduling a batch job
“An resource with type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.userquery’ was found, but it is not assignable to the expected type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.savedquery’. The type specified in the resource must be equal to either the expected type or a derived type.”

Storing duplicate ID’s in a batch job

Each Dedupe+ Job now has an additional toggle field, allowing you to store the duplicate id within duplicate entity itself.

This will allow you to perform advanced finds and identify duplicates outside of the batch results – using the “data8_duplicatedetectedid” on the relevant entity (for example account or contact).

This will require us to modify any duplicate records found, meaning the modifiedon and modifiedby date would be updated using the account that you have authorised under your account within Data8.


Running batch deduplication with a subset against a bigger set

You can now take a group of records and dedupe it against a separate group of records.

This will allow you to perform much specialised and efficient dedupe jobs within your environment. Imagine this scenario: “I would like to dedupe all contacts created today against my entire list of active contacts”. Previously, you would only have been able to do a dedupe job on the “Active Contacts” saved view without any guarantee there was even any contacts created today – you may also get extra duplicates highlighted which wasn’t the main reason for you running the job.

Now, you are able to specify the following:

  • “Filtered Master View” – this is the records you want to find duplicates for.
  • “Filtered Candidate View” – this is the records you want to find the duplicate within.

In order to do the scenario mentioned above, you could make a saved view called “Contacts Created Today” and set that to be your “Filtered Master View”. You could then either leave “Filtered Candidate View” blank (meaning all records) or specify “Active Contacts”. The result would be that we would look for any duplicates only of the contacts created today.

This same functionality has been extended into schedules too so you can run this on a schedule also.



The whole duplicare solution is now fully developed tested within the Unified Client Interface  and now is at full feature parity with the original user interface.

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