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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Once you have installed and configured our various solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can use the following additional features:

Business Insight

On your main entity form, click the new "Get Company Information" button.

This will show the "Company Search" form to allow you to find the correct company to get the details for. By default the search form will be populated with the company name and postcode taken from your record, but you can change these on this form as required to help find companies that are registered under a different name or at a different address than the one you are trading with them as.

If you enter both comany name and postcode the search results will include all companies that match the entered name, with any that also match the postcode at the top of the list.

Once you have found the required company, select it from the list and click OK. The search form will then close and the "Get Company Information" button will be replaced on the main record form with an indicator showing the key credit information from the selected company.

This information should give your sales team the high-level information they require when communicating with a customer, but you can also follow the "View Details" link to get detailed financial, director, shareholder and other information.

To get updated information at any time, click the "Update Company Information" link.

If an incorrect company was accidentially selected from the "Company Search" form, click the "Remove" link to remove the link from the record to the company and show the "Get Company Information" button again to start the process again.