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Baby MPS and Event Dates Added to Our Cleanse Service

We have been receiving many questions surrounding the possible implementation of the Baby Mailing Preference Service (Baby MPS) feature for our Data Cleanse service.

Now, we can proudly announce that both of these features are now available!

Congratulations to Matt and Mark on achieving MVP Status!

We're thrilled to announce that two members of our Technical Team have been awarded MVP Status from Microsoft!

We've Been Getting Involved in the Dynamics Community

We've been getting ourselves involved in the Microsoft Dynamics community by attending the DynamicsCon event! Find out how the pandemic has changed the way we show off our product.

Upgrading from insecure TLS versions

As we move to enforce the use of TLS 1.2 for our APIs, this post describes how to update your applications if you are still using older versions.

Introducing Lookup+ for Data8 Duplicare

We have released version 5 of our industry leading Duplicare solution and included in the new version 5 release is a brand-new feature called “Lookup+”.