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This guide will help you get up and running with the Salesforce plugin from Data8.

Our Salesforce plugin is an all-in-one solution providing implementations for some of our most popular services such as: PredictiveAddress, TPS Checking, Email and Telephone Validation, Business Insights and more. These can be used individually or alongside eachother depending on your requirements.

The below sections contain all the information you should need to get up and running with our Services in Salesforce. If you are unsure where to start, complete the prerequisites section and then refer back here to get more information on each of the sections below.


Configuration (Settings Page): The settings page is where you enable/disable services and configure options for each service such as field mappings, formatting options etc. The documentation page below explains each of the options available on this settings page and includes screenshots of the available options (version 1.56).


Record Form Override: Our recommended integration method for both Lightning and Classic users. This method implements Data8's services at point of data entry, preventing invalid data entering your system whilst maintaining your customisations and supporting custom fields and objects.
Services available through this integration method: PredictiveAddress, Bank Validation, Email Validation, Telephone Validation, Name Validation, TPS Checking, Telephone Formatting.


Service configuration pages: These pages include information about individual service integrations where other implementation methods are available.
These methods may include: Lightning Components for Lightning Record Pages, Triggers, Custom Buttons.


See the specific pages below for help with each part of the configuration


All steps in the prerequisite section should be completed before any other steps.

Configuration (Settings Page)

A breakdown of the options available on the Data8 Settings Page in Salesforce.

Record Form Override

The recommended integration to implement Data8's services at point of data entry.

PredictiveAddress Configuration

Integrate PredictiveAddress on a Lightning record page, via a custom button or at point of data entry.

Bank Validation Configuration

Integrate Bank Validation on a Lightning record page or at point of data entry to prevent invalid data entering your system.

Business Insights Configuration

Integrate Business Insights on a Lightning record page to obtain useful information about a company from a company name or address.

TPS Configuration

Integrate TPS Checking on a Lightning record page or at point of data entry.

Legacy Validation Implementation Method

Deprecated integration method of validation services into Lightning record page.

All integrations will also work in Salesforce classic, other than the Lightning Components.

Once you have configured your Salesforce environment to make use of the integrations you wish to use, read our User Guide for information on how to use our services.

The recommended implementation for this section of the guide is the Record Form Override method. This gives you access to our email validation, phone validation, name validation, bank account validation, PredictiveAddress, TPS checking, and telephone formatting services all in one place, when creating or editing records. This method replaces the standard pop-out modal form used for editing and creating records with a full-width visualforce page and makes use of your object's page layout ensuring compatibility with custom fields. You will need credits on your Data8 account for each service to be able to use them. Speak to your account manager if you wish to get set up with some credits for a new service.

If you are using Lightning in your Salesforce environment, the Lightning Component implementation methods may also be a useful integration, adding bank account validation, TPS checking, PredictiveAddress and Business Insights to your lightning record forms for simple, on-demand access to our services. This method supports custom objects and custom fields (excluding Business Insights which is for accounts and leads only. Contact us if you wish to use this service on another object). See our Bank Validation Configuration, TPS Configuration, PredictiveAddress Configuration and Business Insights Configuration guides accordingly.

Our Business Insights service (formerly Company Information) adds the ability to find and link company data to an account record, such as credit rating, recommended credit limit, company summary, addresses, shareholders, group structure and much more. It can be implemented through a Lightning Component onto a Lightning record page, a Visualforce page into the point of data entry or a custom action button when viewing a record.

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